Truth in the Marketplace - Real Estate Training
  • At 316 Capital, we invest in companies and projects that have strong growth potential and recession proof strategies coupled with strong cash flow. We have an innovative approach to financing that executes an investment strategy based on disciplined value investing principles and guided by a macro-economic outlook. 


We are leaders in financing innovative growth companies & strategic real estate projects.

Real Estate Financing Programs

  • Investor 1-4
  • Multi-Family
  • Commercial
  • New Construction
  • Joint Venture Partnership/Mentorship

Private Equity & Venture Capital

We have created to hold the alternative investment portfolio of its high net worth shareholders.  We execute an investment strategy based on disciplined value investing principles and guided by macro-economic outlook.

Why Real Estate?

1. Cash Flow

2. Tax Advantages 

3. Leverage

4. Appreciation

5. Inflation Hedge

Why Private Equity & Venture Capital?
1. Structure Investments in Growing Businesses
2. Controlling or Non-Controlling Investments in Business with strong Cash Flows
3.Top-Down Approach


Real Estate Years of Experience

$1.5 Billion AUM

Private Equity/Venture Capital Investment


Investment Consultation

$35 Million AUM

Real Estate Portfolio 

A Few Real
Estate Services We Offer

Real Estate Transaction Funding

Without the Right CAPITAL, Success is Business is Impossible. We Will Fund Good, Properly Structured and Profitable Real Estate Transactions. 

Real Estate Portfolio Growth Training

Education is the FOUNDATION that Success is Built Upon. We have a Blueprint Step-by-Step Investment Course to Grow Your Portfolio.

Joint Venture Project Partnerships

Business is a TEAM Sport. We will Partner with You to Ensure Success of Your Real Estate Transaction.

Asset Protection/Deal Structure 

Transaction Structuring is the Bedrock to Ensuring a Successful Transaction. We will Assist in Proper DEAL STRUCTURE for Maximum R.O.I. 

Investment Community

The Most Powerful Concept in the World is an IDEA. Having a Community to Discuss those Ideas and prescribe Solutions.